11-14 September 2011. Liverpool, UK - Global Leaders Congress 2011 - Global Solutions to Global Challenges

A Call for Action

The world is at a critical juncture as it grapples with the crises of climate change, natural disasters of unprecedented size and increasing water, food and energy scarcity compounded by the fallout of the global financial crisis. It is now more urgent than ever that people of goodwill from every sector – public, private and civil society - work together in mutual respect, building on opportunities raised by fresh analysis, innovative work and new technologies. Like the Chinese symbol wei ji, which comprises symbols for both danger and a crucial point, crisis often provides an opportunity.

Globally recognised human rights law and our common humanity - the values and responsibilities shared across faiths and cultures - provide such an opportunity. Together they provide a legal framework and moral compass for ensuring a just and sustainable world. Rights and Humanity’s Global Leaders Congress 2011, “Global Solutions to Global Challenges: Think, Unite, Act” is an urgent Call for Action.


The aim of the Global Leaders Congress is to identify solutions to critical existing and emerging concerns, share good practice and promising innovations and identify common strategies for health, peace and security and environmental sustainability. It will bring together thought leaders and innovators from the public, private and civil society sectors from around the world.

This action-oriented working meeting will:

  • articulate the benefits of a human rights approach and the importance of ethics and responsibilities at all levels of governance and society and demonstrate how innovative ideas are contributing to a just and sustainable world - Think
  • build partnerships between the public, private and civil society sectors to progress solutions such as strengthened international and national measures to achieve just economic models; equitable access to food, water, fuel, education and healthcare; strengthened corporate responsibility; investment in the green economy; renewed efforts to empower women, protect the rights of children and relieve vulnerability and new models of conflict resolution and disaster management - Unite
  • inspire, inform and empower participants to develop initiatives for joint action and encourage others to strengthen their contribution within their own spheres of influence in public policy, corporate, professional and daily life and support an emerging global community of like-minded individuals and organisations linked by interactive communication tools - Act.

The Congress will begin by commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11 with a multi-faith event of lament, reconciliation and hope at Liverpool Cathedral. We remember a tragedy of personal and global proportions which changed the international landscape, leading to yet more violence. It is vital that we now reactivate the momentum for global cooperation.

The Congress will build on the success of Rights and Humanity’s Emergency Global Leaders Congress in February 2009, which demonstrated the benefit of the human rights and responsibilities paradigm as a framework resulting in the 'Ubuntu Declaration for a Just and Sustainable World Economy', which was used to inform the London Summit of the G20 in April 2009.

Key reasons to participate

REFLECT with foremost thinkers and innovators of our time and share your own vision, expertise and experience

GAIN NEW INSIGHTS from the successful practice of implementing human rights, corporate, financial and environmental responsibility around the world

BUILD PARTNERSHIPS FOR PROGRESS with leaders from other sectors to work together for solutions

INFLUENCE GLOBAL POLICY develop cutting edge global solutions to global challengers, prompt action for ensuring a more just and sustainable world and make recommendations for action addressed to all sectors

CHAMPION AN EMERGING GLOBAL COMMUNITY of like-minded individuals across sectors to support each other to achieve progress

BE EMPOWERED by interaction with leaders in your own and other fields of expertise to strengthen your contribution within your sphere of influence

Shining the Light – A Call For Action

On 10th December Rights and Humanity marked its 25th Anniversary, and as part of the celebrations we held a follow up meeting to the Global Leaders Congress on Friday 9th December. We had a wonderful mix of thought leaders and innovators from the public, private and civil society sectors, some of whom had been at the September Congress and others' who had been inspired to join us for the first time.

Download & Commit to the Call for Action

The purpose of the meeting was to forge consensus on the Call For Action, as developed during the Global Leaders Congress. All participants who attended the day signed the pledge. If you would like to share your commitment to upholding the values and aims of Shining the Light – A Call For Action and add your name to our signatories, please email congress@rightsandhumanity.org.  

Happy Birthday Archbishop Desmond Tutu

At the end of the Global Leaders Congress 2011, participants joined together in song to make a birthday film for Rights and Humanity's Patron, Archbishop Desmond Tutu for his 80th Birthday.

Please click here for video.  

Daily Programme

Download Daily Programme


Download Call for Action by the Patrons of Rights and Humanity’s
Global Leaders Congress

Think, Unite, Act - Multi Faith Event Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of 9/11

Rights and Humanity will be hosting a multi faith event ‘Think, Unite, Act’ on Sunday September 11 at 5:30 p.m. at the Liverpool Cathedral to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

Download our leaflet for Think, Unite Act - A Multi Faith Event here

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